Courses scheduled for 2018 and beyond

1 -5 October 2018

CelSian – NCNG International Glass Technology Course – Eindhoven, NL

This indepth course covers many aspects of glass and glass production from raw materials to formed product, including glass structure & properties and mainly concentrates on glass melting technology. Originally started in 1990, the course has been attended by more than 1500 employees from the worldwide glass industry.

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8 – 9 October 2018

CelSian – 2 Day Practical Glass Technology Training – Eindhoven, NL

This course covers aspects of glass melting and glass properties in a practical manner. The training is aimed at glass industry employees who want to understand the missing link between theory and practice, between cause and effect in the everyday practice of glass production. The course can be seen as an addition to our 5 day course, but can also be attended without having followed the classical training.