'Our proprietary models describe the most important
aspects of a complete glass melting furnace.'

Advanced process control


Increase your profitability by pulling more glass against lower energy usage. Your production runs 24/7 in a furnace that should last at least its expected lifetime.

During lifetime many challenges can occur. For example more stringent emission regulations on the reduction of emissions may be necessary during the lifetime of your furnace.
When applying our rMPC advanced control system onto your furnace and/or feeder, your furnace temperature becomes much more stable, leading to:

  • higher yield
  • lower emissions
  • lower energy usage
  • fewer human mistakes
  • and a furnace that last longer

As an integrated expert system into your standard process control system, your melting process becomes less sensitive to human errors. Supported by laser based combustion sensors you can also reduce your emission without the need for investing in additional scrubbing installations. Installation of our advanced control system and sensors is done within a couple of days without disrupting your operations.

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