Energy Balance Software

Simulation of furnace settings in relation to energy and carbon

Our proprietary Energy Balance Model (EBM) software uses actual process data as input to calculate the current energy balance of your glass furnace. An excellent tool to calculate carbon reduction.

Many of our customers had used a wide variety of different methods tracking the energy usage of their furnace fleet, with EBM you have all relevant data of your entire fleet instantly available. Using EBM has the following benefits:

        • Visualization of the current energy flows around the melting tank and the regenerators
        • Visualization of the main energy carriers (fuel, preheated air, electric boosting)
        • Trending of achievable and attained energy reductions with savings in MJ/ton and EUR/day
        • Scenario calculator for modified process conditions. This engine will recalculate a hypothetical energy balance based on modified process settings and/or modified batch compositions

EBM has proven to be a very powerful tool to compare multiple furnaces and reduce energy usage. We offer EBM on a license basis, our team is also happy to prepare the models for your operators.

Image of EBM software simulation
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