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Energy reduction


There is a strong focus worldwide on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions (to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement). This is a business issue because of the increasing cost of energy and potential rises in carbon taxation.

The required energy intensity of glass melting and accordingly, it’s CO2 emissions, are both potentially affecting the industry’s future social license to operate.

CelSian’s Energy Reduction solution improves your glass business performance while meeting all environmental regulations and getting ahead of the carbon taxation issue.

How do we do that?

The glass melting tank consumes by far the most amount of energy in your entire process, and we have the tools to provide the insights for your plant to even further reduce energy.

With our Benchmarking product, we compare your energy usage and CO2 emissions of your furnace with other furnaces in your own company, and, on an anonymous basis, with similar glass furnaces worldwide. You can now evaluate how your furnace performs in terms of energy consumption and investigate further if needed.

With our EBM software, we offer a very powerful tool to compare a wide range of furnace settings with the aim to reduce your energy usage.

With EBM you can have all relevant data of your entire fleet instantly available. Using EBM has the following benefits:

  • Visualization of the current energy flows in the melting tank and the regenerators
  • Visualization of the main energy carriers (fuel, preheated air, electric boosting)
  • Trending of achievable energy reductions with savings in MJ/ton and EUR/day
  • Scenario calculator for modified process conditions

EBM as a support tool will recalculate a hypothetical energy balance based on modified process settings and/or modified batch compositions. This leads to better operational process decisions.

We do not stop here, we also support you further with the implementation of sensor technology, Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations (CFD) and advanced control systems, to make sure your energy savings and CO2 emission reductions, are sustainable in the long run.

The integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models of your furnace with our rigorous Model Predictive Control system, often called Expert system in the market, we help you to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We do that without the need to tune in the furnace, and potentially disturbing your process, which allows you to keep your commitments with your clients, without delays.

Additionally, our CO+ sensor has proven to lower the energy consumption of your furnace with 2% or more based on an optimised combustion. On an oxyfuel fired furnace there are additional savings on oxygen. Emissions like NOx and SOx can drop by 20% when using the CO+ sensor.
Next to lower costs, lower emissions your furnace will also last longer to optimized and stable combustion!

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