'We make sure that asset utilization and product optimization are key to lower the total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the furnace.'

Furnace rebuild support


Are you a glass manufacturer that would like to have the security to make sure that your furnace complies with regulations and runs as long as possible? Or are you aiming for more glass pulled out based on the same furnace footprint?

Or maybe you want to double check the requirements from your furnace designer to future-proof your business against more stringent environmental regulations, emissions rules and carbon taxes?

Our evaluations comprise energy, product quality, furnace lifetime and emission, all geared up for your required daily pull rate.

Using our industry leading detailed furnace modelling (CFD) tool called GTM-X for detailed modelling of all relevant physical and chemical processes in complex shapes inside the furnace, our CelSian glass furnace CFD experts, will help you with your specific needs.

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