24/7 operational support

Operational partnership


If your Company is more interested in a long-term partnership with CelSian to help the business and operations to be stable and profitable, we can offer you a more holistic approach that will guide your production sites towards a future-proof business.

Our leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models are now so accurate, we can trust our simulations as a powerful tool to support your operations continuously and full time. We provide:

  • A dedicated support team (with short, agreed response times)
  • The creation of simulation models for all your furnaces, so any problem in your furnace can be solved much faster (based on our pre-created models)
  • Regular optimization studies for energy usage and CO2, NOx and SOX emissions
  • Continuous benchmarking of your furnace on energy consumption
  • Quality issues solved with our detailed root-cause analysis based on our Computational Fluid Dynamics models of your furnace
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