R&D Cooperation

Guiding the industry towards sustainable and circular glass

It is hard to imagine a world without glass. That same world faces many environmental challenges requiring industries to move towards carbon neutrality.

Also the glass industry needs to transfer during the coming decades. New melting concepts, alternative energy sources and innovative furnace designs will be key to continue delivering great glass products wherever needed.

CelSian aims to guide the glass industry towards a future where glass is even more prominent. We run R&D projects on behalf of the industry, from pre-competitive research to application development. We run projects on an individual basis as well as multilateral basis. Most projects are supported by a mix of our software, laboratory and great team.   

An selection of recent topics we have researched with the industry:

        • Hydrogen energy and heat transfer
        • Foam reduction
        • Melting behavior in cold top furnaces
        • Radiative heat transfer
        • Wall thickness measurement tools
        • Low carbon raw materials

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