Process Control (rMPC)

 DCS integrated Expert System

CelSian re-uses the information from its GTM-X detailed furnace modelling (CFD) in the design of a rigorous Model Predictive Control system, often called expert system in the market.

The advantage of our approach is the ease of installation, your process is not disturbed and there is no need for tuning after installation. rMPC can control the melting tank as well as forehearths.

Our rMPC control system can include variables that are almost impossible to model by observation. Cullet percentage variations, pull or colour changes and variations of ambient temperature are all included in our system. There is no need to re-execute plant tests in the case of changes in geometry, process conditions or glass composition.

Customers using rMPC have confirmed multiple benefits for control in parallel, such as:

        • Combined control of glass/bottom temperatures
        • Reduced effect of variations in batch quality, pull and calorific value of the fuel
        • Reduced operator interventions
        • Have one control strategy for all shifts
        • Reduced time to recover from disturbances
        • Push to maximal furnace load
        • Reduced energy consumption and optimised emissions

Glass manufacturers do their utmost to run their melters as stable as possible. GTM-X CFD modelling together with our rMPC control unit support our customers in maintaining stable glass conditions.

For ease of use for operators, rMPC can be directly integrated in your furnace control system.

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