Training and R&D

CelSian is based on a 30+ years history of research within glass science and technology. Drawing on this experience, we provide leading experts for both research projects and training courses covering the challenges of today’s glass production.

Oscar Verheijen

training and R&D
Glass has remained a long-standing challenge within science. Despite thousands of years of practical usage, fundamental scientific questions on structure and structure-property relations remain unanswered ''

Research and development

The glass production process, including melting and forming into the desired shape, is considered a complex process even by the most prominent experts. Accordingly, operation and maintenance of melting furnaces require a thorough understanding of glass science and technology. However, many practical challenges related to glass production still lack an in-depth scientific understanding. To accommodate this issue, CelSian conducts R&D projects on topics including reaction mechanisms, simulation of processes and development of equipment. 

The CelSian Glass and Solar team consists of a group of experts with broad knowledge on glass melting and forming processes. Furthermore, CelSian has broad experimental capacities, including modern analytical equipment, process simulation models, dedicated laboratory set-ups, extended databases and sensors. Through both small- and large scale collaborations, CelSian offers R&D projects to provide a deeper understanding of industrial processes and causal relations within these complex systems.


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Originally started in 1990, our Glass Technology Training course has been attended by more than 1500 employees from the worldwide glass industry. The course has been continuously updated and tailored to provide a solid theoretical background to meet the challenges of furnace operation and glass production.


General Glass Technology Training Course

Open to all representatives of the international glass manufacturing community, CelSian’s intensive five day Glass Technology Training Courses are currently held in Eindhoven (NL), Sheffield (UK) and Toledo (US), for a maximum of 25 students per course.

Company-dedicated Courses

CelSian’s intensive five day Glass Technology Training Courses can be tailored to the needs of individual companies and held at their premises, catering for between 20 and 25 delegates at a time. These courses can focus on specific areas of interest and offer an advantageous open dialogue among delegates.




GlassTrend is an international consortium of industrial glass producers, raw material suppliers and related industrial partners, operating in the field of glass and glass production. The name GlassTrend is an acronym of Glass Technology Research & New Developments. The organization aims to promote the common interests of the glass industry, its suppliers and customers, through conferences and pre-competitive research projects.


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University Program

A recent development within the GlassTrend organization was the launch of the University Program. This program is dedicated to promote the cooperation between universities and glass manufacturers. An increased connection between the industry and academia is of mutual benefit for both sides, enhancing collaboration in research projects and connecting the academic world with the industrial job marked.


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