The CO+ sensor is a laser based sensor to replace standard O2 measurements, developed by CelSian for the glass industry to optimize combustion settings for higher energy efficiency and lower emission levels.

The sensor measures CO (and optionally O2) through the complete width of your burner port or flue gas channel. In this way we measure a better representative value for the CO and O2 compared to traditional point measurement devices.

For a high energy efficient combustion process you have to operate the furnace close to the stoichiometric point (perfect mix of fuel and air/oxygen) of combustion. Near the stoichiometric point only CO is a reliable parameter to measure the completeness of the combustion. CO levels in the furnace and regenerators are limited to avoid high refractory corrosion.

Efficient combustion can only be achieved with measuring CO.

Our sensor has proven to lower the energy consumption of your furnace with 2% or more. On an oxyfuel fired furnace there are additional savings on oxygen. Emissions like NOx and SOx can drop by 20% when using the CO+ sensor.
Next to lower costs, lower emissions your furnace will also last longer thanks to optimized and stable combustion!

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