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for future-proof glass

Born out of TNO Glass Group and built on multiple years of high precision glass molding at Royal Dutch Philips. Since 2012 we are an independent company. We support glass manufacturers and their suppliers with delivering their customers the glass quality and efficiency, while maintaining business profitability.

We help them prevent and correct glass quality issues, maintain and extend their glass furnace’s life, reduce energy consumption and CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions. Themes that once were a future view, today a business liability.

We do that with advanced technologies, which allow for process optimization without stopping the operation.

Lately, more and more, we support glass manufacturers in their path to the energy transition and decarbonization.

We use strong data analytics, academic rigor, and practical insights and knowledge to support your team or furnace anywhere in the world. With our combined skills, we thrive on solving complex challenges for the industry.

Our proprietary software models are used by our customers to optimize and control glass melting processes. We train technical personnel, run multi-lateral R&D projects to drive towards a low/no carbon glass industry. Our customer portal enables safe, secure, and easy sharing of drawings and R&D data. We are also called to work on a technical carbon roadmap to provide clarity in these challenging times.

Apart from all the great tools we have developed over the years, we have a fantastic team. CelSian is not a traditional company, we are merely a movement bringing the glass industry on par with environmental requirements, while business and profitability aspects are not lost out of sight.

Our Purpose

We believe in a future for glass. We want the glass business to be future-proof so we can keep enjoying the material that we use and cherish. We know that the answer is in technology but also in people; a new mindset in the way work is conducted. Our team is passionate about what they are doing, whether is advanced process control, computational fluid dynamic modelling of furnaces, or lab work with advanced sensors: they can’t wait to get to work. Some of them are more engaged with customers on a daily basis, others work mostly in front of computers, but still, they want to discuss results and possibilities with the people they serve. That is who we are.

We are not a traditional company… we are at heart a movement, bringing sustainability leadership to the glass industry, while not losing sight of business and profitability. We call ourselves a movement because we bring people together: from glass manufacturers, to furnace makers to supply chain participants to associations in the world of glass, even local governments wanting to encourage more glass recycling. We connect people: not only with us but between themselves.

In order to carry out our purpose to be your partner for a future-proof glass industry, we innovate. We go out there every day and push the envelope of what is possible. We do research, in our labs and with partners, in order to help you anticipate the future, so you can be successful with your own business purpose. And we have unique technologies that nobody has.

With that, we minimize costs for end-users and the environment, we are CelSian, your partner to future-proof glass.

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