Furnace modelling (GTM-X)

GTM-X is a detailed furnace modelling (CFD) tool for detailed modelling of physical and chemical processes in complex shapes.

Running on different platforms, this multi-physics model permits a wide variety of materials to be simulated and many different physical equations to be addressed, including turbulence and combustion processes and their influence on glass melts. CelSian’s highly valued support team assists our customers for addressing specific requirements. The tool can be used for design purposes as well as solving production quality issues. Our new bubble prediction model (BSM) model is the best tool in predicting product quality.

Please watch the movie below to get an idea of the possibilities of GTM-X.

Many years of experience confirm the abilities of CelSian modelling expertise, where validation data is created for new and existing glass melting furnaces and project results can be presented in a variety of different ways. A large portfolio of simulations is maintained in the CelSian database, helping to validate the accuracy of the latest models created on behalf of customers.

Via regular communication with the customer and based on the modelling results generated, recommendations for helpful improvements can be provided. Project results can be provided in a variety of different ways, ranging from interactive presentations to the provision of software tools where customers can use the results themselves.

At CelSian, modelling results are combined with expertise. We offer GTM-X on a license basis, our team is also happy to prepare the models for you and present the results in a report.

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