'Classification of glass defects is one, only root-cause analysis may lead to improvements'

Glass quality assessment


The glass industry worldwide is optimized in such a way that every unit, bottle or surface of glass produced counts. This is a low margin, high volume business, in which glass defects can destroy profitability very quickly as it might result in lower yield, and increasing the cost per unit.

We provide not only the classification of your glass defect, but more importantly the root-cause analysis in our laboratory in Eindhoven. We are proud to work in a building where once Philips Glass Research was based. We combine an expert lab that analyses your glass defects with the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to do root-cause analysis, so you can understand how to change the furnace settings to prevent the same defect in the future.

With the data you provide us, we simulate multiple alternatives and you get an answer in a few days, without having to disturb your furnace. This makes that your operation can learn from a product failure based on optimized settings or batch recipe. If required we also run analysis on site, by measuring several process related matters and based on the outcome suggest alternative settings.

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